Understanding and Learning about Mindsets for Achieving Your Potential and Continuous Personal Growth

Daily Quote:

“ I am all for personal assessment tools that strengthen and clarify our thinking, ignite the imagination, add knowledge about how we impact others, and are useful for uncovering our potential and sparking individual growth”. Mark W. Hardwick, Ph.D.

In her book oon minsets Dr. Carol Dweck uncovers the keys for continuous growth when she talks abouth the two internal forces that drive us to act. She says:

Mindsets frame the running account that’s taking place in people’s heads. They guide the whole interpretation process. The fixed mindset creates an internal monologue that is focused on judging: “This means I’m a loser.” “This means I’m a better person than they are.” “This means I’m a bad husband.” “This means my partner is selfish.”

People with a growth mindset are also constantly monitoring what’s going on, but their internal monologue is not about judging themselves and others in this way. Certainly they’re sensitive to positive and negative information, but they’re attuned to its implications for learning and constructive action: What can I learn from this? How can I improve? How can I help my partner do this better?”

Findout the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindset by viewing this discussion on the two mindsets:

http://ed.ted.com/on/UA77FlTc or



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