Daily Quote and Challenge: Choose Freedom and Mental Toughness over Being Stuck and Fearful –Victor Frankl

Daily Quote and Challenge: Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms –to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Viktor E. Frankl

Reflection: Frankl says to me choose freedom because it is the life blood of being human. Although choosing to be free will take courage (mental toughness) and the desire to live an inner directed life rather than being afraid or vulnerable to be who you are no matter the consequences. To reach your goal you must able to access your strengths and make a difference by being “mentally tough and doing the right at the right time for the right reason”. A structure for choosing freedom that I have found useful follows the Smart-step and Plus One process:

Smart-Steps: Plus One technique

1. Start by visualizing in your mind by thinking about what success looks like before you confront the situation or person.
2. Create the right attitude and state of mind. Rehearse the words to be communicated.
3. Keep your Cool and Confidence top of the mind by developing a calming and positive mantra like–  “ Yes, I can…( This helps by removing negative self-talk w/positive affirmations).
4. Develop and refine comfortable rituals and routine for relaxing before using the “caring confrontation”.

5. Remember: thinking is first than emotions take over. So think straight, accept & acknowledge feelings (I feel ok). Focus on what you need to do. Then, muster-up  the courage to ACT. Execute and stick with your decision. Choose freedom over intimidation or emotional abuse.

Challenge: Where are you “stuck” in life and instead of choosing to find a way through the difficult situation you deny there is a problem, or pretend things will magically change. Ask yourself why are you doing this? Reflect on how to create better alternatives for all involved. Then have the courage to act no matter how vulnerable you feel. Trust yourself and choose to be free.