Message for President Obama– Inspirational leaders listen,tell stories and assert beliefs.

“A story can translate dry, abstract numbers into compelling pictures of reality and relevance for listener. Storytelling is a critical skill for all those seeking to be an inspirational leader.”  – Tom Peters

New role for Obama–Facilitator and Assertive Story Teller . Continue reading “Message for President Obama– Inspirational leaders listen,tell stories and assert beliefs.”

Daily Reflection: Vaclav Havel–Politics as Morality and Struggle of Change

From the book, Summer Meditations–Vaclav Havel, First Post Communism, President of Czechosovakia, 1989. Known for his play writing and advocatacy for Czech Human Rights movement. 

I present two quotes for your meditation and reflection:

“The only lost cause is the one we give up on before we enter the struggle.”

“My experience and observations confirm that politics as the practice of morality is possible.  I do not deny, however, that it is not always easy to go that route…I want to do everything I can to raise the general civility… I mean chiefly the kind of relations that exisit among people, between the powerful and the weak, the healthy and the sick, the young and the elderly, adults and children, businesspeople and customers, men and women, teachers and students, officers and soldiers, policeman and citzens, and so on… The idea that world might be actually changed by the force of truth, the power of truthful word, the strength of free spirit, conscience and responsibilty–and my longing for justice, decency…for present purposes, I will call “the moral state”..trying to make life more pleasant, more interesting, more varied, and more bearable.”  

Reflection: When will the time come when we do more than just speak these words but actually implement them in action? Maybe we all need to just start with ourselves. I mean in all situations try to think first about others,be kind,respectful,tolerant,non-judgmental and accepting of differences. These small human changes in interacting might get the ball rolling to “ the moral state” based on respect, truth and equality that Havel talks about.