Big Hairy Ass Goals vs Smart-Step Approach to Personal change

“Inside out change emphasizes that what happens in your thinking is more important for sustaining change than what happens to you or around you.” wickism

As we approach the middle of the 4th quarter I start reflecting and taking note of my goals and achievements for 2010.  Maybe it is time to start thinking about new goals. Or should I just keep trucking on…?  After all, everyone can make excuses and God knows we all have our plates full with a jobless recover, two wars, and a broken health care system, TARP,  Bank bailouts, etc. Oh, I forgot the elections in November.

If you are feeling too stressed to tackle a BIG Hairy Ass Goal like getting a real job, lowering your blood pressure, weight loss, stopping smoking, daily exercise, or learning to not get angry at your two-year old. Try a “small dose” goal by using the Smart-Step approach to personal change. Now let’s summarize  Smart-Step process. Make your goal important enough to create a difference in your daily living and small enough to accomplish without a great deal of risk or personal investment. This approach will keep you focused and not be as stressful as tackling a Big Hairy Ass goal. If you fail you won’t be as discouraged and maybe still be motivated to try again.

Remember the Japanese Kaizen way of “continuous improvement” saying

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step.” —Lao Tzu

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How to Stop Irrational Ideas and Attitude: Develop Bullshit Support Team

 “It all starts in your head…(Success) begins by trying to make each day count…If you sincerely try to make each day a masterpiece, angles can do no better.”  John Wooden, Hall of Fame Basketball Coach, UCLA 

 Irrational Ideas that Block Your Growth and Development  

  1. Need to be loved or approved by everyone–Give credit away and recognition will come  
  2. Differences make people bad, evil or stupid–Not stupid just different. Differences wwiden your perspective and help update your mental maps.
  3. Life is awful when things are not like we want them to be. Not awful just inconvenient. Continue reading “How to Stop Irrational Ideas and Attitude: Develop Bullshit Support Team”