The Daily Coach and Reflection–Brekthroughfor Self-Coaching in 2012

Life is lived and filtered by experiences, thinking, reflection, emotions and action. In an attempt to keep focused on your self-understanding and development I am going to begin to posting daily self-reflection quotes on the that will help guide your personal development and coaching through self-reflection. See the first entry below and have fun learning more about your thinking and emotions.

Daily Quote and Reflection: Memory grips the past, hope secures the future. You don’t take the trip, the trip takes you. John Steinbeck, author

REFLECTION: What this quote means to me is how we are not in control of everything that happens to us in life. And that we need to be flexible and able to react to both good things and terrible things that come our way in life. We must identify things that are in our control or not and handle the things we control  and let go of the others. So it is not that stuff won’t happen to us but how we react to these things that is important. Review Seven Step Breakthrough to self-understanding. Reflection becomes the key to growth. In what ways are you growing?

Apply Constructive Living Principles for a Meaningful Personal Change–Principle 1 and Exercise for Change

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol

By using Constructive Living Principles to face your problems you can identify and develop opportunities to act and create meaning in your life. By putting in place these powerful Constructive Living principles you will put choice at the center of your life. You will become more responsible for creating your attitude  and behavioral response to life’s situations. It will no longer be acceptable to use the excuse that it is the stress around us or the situations we are in at home or work that “force” you to act or not act in certain ways. Each of us chooses our path. We behave in certain ways like ignoring, running away, blaming others, getting angry, if – only thinking , getting stuck, or just plain giving up because we don’t want to take responsibility. We do have the power act in more satisfying and meaningful ways to create a more integrative and balanced life. This Constructive Living Approach can help you feel more in control and better about yourself . In essence you begin to feel more loving and worthwhile which is one of the core ingredients of living a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Continue reading “Apply Constructive Living Principles for a Meaningful Personal Change–Principle 1 and Exercise for Change”