Poem: On Being Courageous

Courage To BEby MW Hardwick

To say and act on what you believe.

To stand up for what is right, 

To face difficulties with calmness, openness and flexibility.

To stand your ground when fairness and morality are shelved.

To be accountable and to hold others accountable,
To share ideas, information and resources,
To use caring confrontation when conflict arises
To partner to find solutions

To never stop listening with empathy.

To confront fear, pain and injustice

To take-on reasonable risks

To accept life’s uncertainty

And find the courage to face difficulties,

To act right in the face of opposition and intimidation

To never stop learning. Never stop learning.

To keep your dreams alive by speaking your truth…


Journey to Inside-out…New Poem by MW Hardwick

Journey to Inside-out by MWHardwick

He seeks comfort from stress.
Inside his brain tranquility hides.
Trip is uneasy and boundless
Always looking for dragons or snakes

Peaking out distracts focus.

He let’s go but never stops
To let the outside-in.

He sees orange and red spots
Meets them head-on.
He pleads for anger to cease,
Takes a deep breath for contemplation.
Captive, he lies barren.

He remains calm and peaceful as pain floats away… As a joyful child playing in their bath..

Freedom from intrusive thoughts
His consciousness fades in and out.

So he lives within the silence…Half awake and half a sleep

He travels on to see an open heart.

Pushing and pulling for control—

Distractions flood his ride

Heroic memories drive him deeper

While solitude and calmness washes his wholeness

Survival and recovery the destination

Every journey different…

A wound licking place and a fortress against stress…

His openness controlling the rest

Hides his smile…

Twinkling eyes… Twinkling… Twinkling eyes…

To see anew when they are open…to the wonders of

Joy…Happiness and Selflessness…



Choices–Beauty and Freedom

Choices–beauty and Freedom by M. W.Hardwick

I have seen the red stone and mountains of beauty

And how they enjoy their majestic ways

Silent, at peace, and beautiful

Each peak and valley buffered by a never-ending wind.

And I have touched their face in the wild,

Moments when no birds or other animals speak,

Silent except for the quaking of the Aspen leaves,

Free on their little leash of air; making noise by embracing the other

I have considered the silence as mindfulness

I have dreamed of the mountain peace,

And change of seasons as the sun takes control

Who is the ultimate power of all things?

Who is to answer this existential quest?

Who is the master of all birds, all flowers and pure water

I now understand questions lead to more and

The mountains and nature flourish as we continue, to explore

And ignore the harm we do in the name of independence and  freedom to choose.

So please STOP and choose to sustain

The beauty and peace that the mountains already know…