Poem: Living in the NOW. Now. Now.

 Poem: Living in the NOW. Now. Now. MW Hardwick

Listen for understanding.

Stop. Reflect. Act.

Explore other people’s point of view

Take an imaginative trip into their world.

Withhold judgments.

Be thankful for there willingness to share.

Try be more accepting.

Catch them when they are falling.

Embrace change.

Trust in yourself and others.

Do what you love.

Follow your own drummer.

Dance to your own music.

Be caring and thoughtful.

Let go of control.

Embrace the unknown and ambiguous.

Say thank you more often.

Be open-minded and flexible.

Be the change you wish to be.

Make peace with your enemies.

Play with a 5 year old.

Break the rules once in while.

Live and Life of No Regrets.

Do Random Acts of Kindness.

Forgive and let go even when it’s hard.

Compliment others.

Live a balanced life—time for work, for family and yourself.

Be creative –paint a picture, write a poem or throw a pot.

Don’t count the minutes enjoy the “here and now”.

Laugh, cry and smile more.

Be grateful for all you have.

Help others rediscovery there brighter side.

Enjoy being creative and playful.

Conquer your fears by “leaning-in”.

Learn to pick yourself up after failing or falling down.

Clean up your messes.

Take your first step to living your dreams—Now. Now. Now…

Lessons Learned–Living on Meaning

Poem: Lessons Learned from Living on Meaning by M.W. Hardwick

Life is short. Break the rules.

Act on what you know –

And don’t Make Shit Up

Forgive quickly…

Smile and laugh often

Enjoy the “here and Now”

Kiss slowly.

Love truly and unconditionally.

Hug often.

Laugh uncontrollably.

Give credit away

Stay focused and balanced.

Be spontaneous  and live with uncertainty

Be clear on what you want and care about

Reduce stress — lower the heat with others

Dream often, and don’t be just a dreamer

Understand and be empathic…listen

Don’t be a victim–Be a winner

Listen, ask questions and be responsive

Pick your fights carefully

Accept your feelings

Reflect on habits and irrational thinking

Do what you need to do

Show you care don’t just talk it.

Never regret anything that you say or do.

Stop-Challenge thinking-Choose before responding.

Be clear and concise in your communication

Be who you are–eliminate masks-embrace authenticity

Don’t try to impress others with your degrees, or stuff

Learn that life is our best teacher

Be Aware. Attentive, Observant. Respectful and Gentle

Realize all people desire freedom, justice, learning, meaning and love

Do the best you can with what you have

Go with what you got

Be a leader by serving others. Be patient. Be a teacher

Give advice and feedback only when asked.

Be the friend you want others to be.


Show respect to others in the little things in life

Say thank you and please…thank you…please

Above all remember CL requires only imagination…


GOODNESS…and action to choose peace not fear…

Reflections #11: Leadership Dimensions…

To lead is to dream and do…

    to let go of fears and criticism

to see beyond the obvious and mean spirited..

   to give credit away…

to lead at the pleasure of followers…

   to see and share a vision

to anticipate and articulate a new view

   to be enthusiastic, passionate and on PURPOSE…

to care

                             to focus

                                                            to flex

to collobrate , cooperate and above all



and say THANK YOU, thank you, thank you…

and  PLEASE ….more often …

and…and… and … remember