Poem–It All Changes on a Dime

It All Changes on a Dime–by MW Hardwick 

The phone rings and
It all changes on a dime
Yet my heart and soul does not

Though my memories fade with time
It all seems clear
As bright stars in the darkest night

Twinkle, twinkle go my eyes
My smile is still there…
and my breath is relaxing… slowly filling me up

You may be gone
but your good deeds and gentle spirit
Live on… and no words can capture

My gratitude for having you in my life
For the connection you…and I will always have
My everlasting love for you…will never die.

Fearlessly I will move-on…

but will never forget our first kiss and hug goodbye…

And now the phone rings again…again…and again…


New Poem: Choose the World You Want to Live in.

Choose the World You live-in
Live-in the World You Choose.
– Mark W. Hardwick Ph.D.


Choose the world you want to live in–by MW Hardwick 

Positive energy, clear focus

Happiness in the “here and now”

Past is past and lessons are learned

Move on and enjoy the comfort of the present

Deep breath counting, relaxed body, mind’s alert and wise

Smile on face and Eyes twinkle,

This focus serves us well.

Softing pain, problems and fears melt away…

This is pleasure of living in the world you choose…

Choose wisely and living is happier…happier…

New Poem: Why Not You?

Poem: Why Not You? by MW Hardwick 


Play with abandon and freedom

Choose with no regrets.


Appreciate life’s gifts

Don’t ask–just act

Life out loud

Do what you love

Be a life-long learner

Live what is–not what should be

This is all there is-deal with it

Smile and Laugh

Think clearly –and reach for knowledge

Live your feelings fully

Where are your scars from life’s difficult times

Insideout learn from mistakes , if you never fail you are being too easy

Stop worrying—it drains energy and stops action

It’s not weakness to need others—they can be your way out of darkness

Remember reality is easier to face than the fears that come before

Push yourself and things get done…Pull yourself through is perseverance 

Find the right balance in life and leave no voids

Reach for the stars..

Why not you…reach for your potential…

End is important in all things…

Leave your mark…

Make a difference…Make a difference…