Looking for a Powerful Personal Change Method? Learn Plus One Performance Technique.

Plus One Technique 

“Learn, compare, collect the facts… Always have the courage to say to yourself – I am ignorant.” — Ivan Pavlov

At some level self-coaching is all about change. Changing how we spend our time and energy is so important for personal habit changes. If we focus our limited time and energy on one change at a time we increase the odds of effective and permanent behavioral change. When we are more focused and aware of what we are trying to change in our day-to-day living change becomes less frightening and more productive. Doing more of what’s working in our lives (strengths), and doing less of–or stopping entirely–what’s not helping us reach our desire results and not changing things that are okay is the mindset for plus-one change technique.  Taking this growth point of view may even increase our ability to take more risk and increase our ability to snap back from failures or setbacks (resilience). When this takes place it becomes easier to manage our resources and time which then provides the space for more comprehensive self-development. Remember all large changes are usually the result of a series of small smart steps using the Plus1 performance technique. Here is a simple review of the Plus One learning sequence and  process:

The building block of the technique comes from Aristotle’s four laws of association, especially the law of frequency.

Plus One Mastery Learning Sequence:

  • The sequence starts by breaking down a complex skill into small steps. Then learning in each step one at a time while adding each new step to the preceding learned steps until all steps are mastered.
  • The “chucking principle” is a key component of the Plus-One Mastery Learning sequence. This principle suggests that a complex skill can be learned most efficiently when the skill is broken down into small doses or parts.  Each part is mastered separately and then the parts are practiced together adding one “chunk” at a time until all of the chunks are integrated and the complex skill is mastered

Want to Increase Success in Changing Personal Habits: Try Self-Coaching Plus 1Technique

Self-Coaching Challenge: Creating Your Future in next 30 days: 6 Steps for Continuous Personal Change 


1. Ask yourself WHY? Identify one reason for wanting to make this personal change

2. ASSESS?  Where your are NOW ( Point A)

3. WHAT? Describe in realistic and specific detail your end goal ( Point B )?

4. HOW? Creating the future (Development Plan) Include how to overcome barriers and distractions 


6. CONTINUOUS LEARNING AND FEEDBACK LOOP: Use a metric to assess your changes. Ask others how you are doing in regard to a specific change goal, like listening. Do they see the changes? Are they experiencing you in new way? What suggestions do they have for you to change even more?  Thank them for the feedback.  Update your plan and goals based on experience and feedback. 


Plus One Technique: Showing Appreciation the MMFI Rule

Daily Quote: “Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, Make Me Feel Important. Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.” Mary Kay Ash

I think that this Plus One technique of Making Others Feel Important (MMFI)is a very powerful way to provide a climate for excellence in performance. Many employees tell me that they seldom or hardly ever receive any appreciation for a job well done from their managers. Appreciation or acknowledgement are at the heart of creating a positive climate at work. Noticing the effort and commitment of employees can be one of the strongest motivators for reinforcing and encourage the highest quality of work. Positive feedback which is delivered immediately after the action takes place sends a strong message that a person’s has been noticed and appreciated. The message from many managers who ignore the good works of employees is that you are expected to perform at high levels and the only time you will hear from a manager is when you screw-up. This “management by exception” method leaves employees in the dark and feels like they are only going to be recognized when things have gone wrong.In my experience this management approach is demoralizing and creates a”cover your ass” culture.

Self-Coaching Challenge: How will you make someone feel important today? Who is it you are going to make the effort to MAKE THEM FEEL IMPORTANT? Remember to be specific in your statement of appreciation and genuine. To see more on the use of the MMFI Rule see my past post http://wp.me/pnKb1-1Vn. This post will provide more specifics on this powerful management concept.
Over the next week keep track of the MMFI you handout and capture the events in your Personal Leadership Journal. Making this type of behavior a part of who you are will not only lift the spirits of employees but also make you feel good.