Poem: Alive in the “Here and Now”

Stop, take a deep breath

Feel you lungs expand and your body relax

Mind is alert not tense or chattering

Be ready and focused

Not criticizing, judging or thinking bad thoughts

Feel your feet on the ground and be ready

Trust yourself…

Not dreaming, worrying or feeling unsettled

Being open, attuned and flexible

Smelling the fresh air and warm sun on your back

Being wholly and quietly in the “Here and Now”

Alert, aware and ready for action

Alive in the moment…Alive in the moment…

The Christmas Hawk named Edward

Miss you and your peaceful refrains

On this cold Winter Morn

Sun shines bright in the North August backyard

I look around and see the basketball court

And remember those exciting and fun days

The court is shoveled and my hands are covered with painter’s gloves

The fingers from the knuckle up to the tips are bare, so as to dribble and shoot better…

I look and see a red-tailed Hawk I call Edward perched on a leafless tree

My friend Edward is looking beyond me to the meadow, silent and majestic

I turned and shoot the ball bouncing it off the rim toward Edward and he remains unchanged

And still as the cold morning breeze blows the ball down the hill stopping by his tree.

I look up and our eyes meet…he stirs and looks back

Then he pushes off the branch and unravels his beautiful wide red and brown wings

As if to say goodbye…I hope I was welcoming enough that he will come back…

And visit me again…so graceful in flight and beautiful to watch and wonder is that someone I know

Visiting on this Christmas morn…I wonder is this someone who has gone before me…just saying hi and

Reminding me of all my loved one’s…I wave and say goodbye…with tears welling up

A surge of pleasure and graditute washes over me..over me…OVER ME.

Cloudless Sky… poem by MW Hardwick

Cloudless Sky– by  MW Hardwick 

Our fragile hold on life, ups and downs, pain and pleasure, happiness and sadness

purpose and meaning, making a difference or not…

What do we want from life– autonomy with freedom to choose our path

Many paths are in front of us, which one to choose—

Living in the moment enjoying what is in front of us embracing one’s curiosity

Like a high-spirited child or grandchild, get engaged climb aboard the adventure of discovery,

Imagination and wonder…

Questions abound and usually start with—WHY?

Why are we here? Why do have fog? Why do we need sleep? Why do need money?

Where do babies come from? Where do birds go in the rain..Why do people die…

Don’t get stuck in finding anwers to all your questions or

Controlling things you can’t control…or Making things right or perfect

Just enjoy the journey and accept the mysteries of life.
It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery…
but what a wonderful and beautiful ride…It has been said by many–to have one friend and a bond that keeps us going, growing and wondering—is enough…

So what is this thing called life all about?

Maybe we  just need to stop looking for answers–And just need to meet life with more flexibility, openness, spontaneity, caring and freshness…

By finding our “still point”  which keeps us going, growing, wondering and opening-up to –our tranquility within… and simplicity of action uncluttered and unlimited…

By building a sense of trust in uncertainty and unknown…

Like a cloudless sky…cloudless sky… cloudless sky…


Learning… By MW Hardwick

Learning … by MW Hardwick 

I now see the world with new eyes.

I see the benefits of trying new ways,

To learn—I observe, experience, reflect and listen

I see a model to follow and read about a new way

and I now know I can learn anything.

No matter how difficult or time consuming

learning comes through effort and practice

I keep an open mind and change comes naturally

if I stay focuses the payoff is great…

if I persevere I can win..

If I am praised I can stagnate and lose

What will you choose? What will you choose?


Poem–Reflections On Loneman Creek and Common Ground


Reflections on Solitude and Common Ground by MW Hardwick 

This is the place for rest and relaxation

The hills and natural grass fulfilled my need for solitude

Alone with nature

You come to it over the low water crossing

Of  “Loneman Creek”  its freshness dripping along toward

A small but beautiful flowing dam—called shorty”

This house  designed by us in the Hill country of Texas

To be a refuge from the constant turmoil of life

An eye for light and sunshine accentuated  by 12 foot ceilings and

over 66 windows (some from the Yale Law library) in 1200 sq ft

Bringing the inner space and outdoor together in one continuous flow

This was our wound licking place,

a place safe for nesting now,

away from the pains of external life.

It is the opening of my eyes and my heart

It is the vision of restoration and loss of innocence

seen now as the reality of suffering and pain, and truth they hold.

It is the heart after years

of bruising and trying to fix the unfixable

speaking out loud in the clear air of  Loneman Creek.

One question remains why now and why us?

If I could look back with clear eyes–

what does it all mean and where do I stand?

I promise myself to the rolling hills and ash juniper

and to the shaky foundation of the “sun downer” from which

beautiful sunsets are viewed at the day’s end

and the warm southwest breeze to heal my sorrow and lift our  future–of a hopeful tomorrow…

an invitation for who knows what …

This is the bright home in which we escaped to live,

this is where I ask my soul to speak to me, our friends to come,

this is where we want to leave things barely touch by us,

to love all the things nature——it has taken me so long to learn to love…

Who knows what…what…life has in store for you and me.

The visible nature and invisible peace working together in this place called–

COMMON GROUND. Common Ground. common ground…

Don’t over think it…just enjoy, embrace life’s precious moments…



Poem–Courage To Be… by MW Hardwick


to say and act on what you say you believe,

to stand up for what is right and fair, to face difficulties with openness and flexibility.

Leaving behind stubbornness ,
to be accountable and to hold others accountable,
to share ideas, information and resources,
to use caring confrontation when conflict arises,

And to never stop learning.             Never stop learning.

Never stop Learning.

To confront fear, pain, uncertainty, intimidation and injustice…

Leaving behind dogma and rigidity,

to act rightly in face of “moral” decisions and scandal, or discouragement.”

Have courage to take risks, and risk failure

to show heart felt compassionate and empathy,

And the wisdom to be humble…

to stand up and speak.

to endure setbacks and keep moving forward

And be brave…

Because life is dynamic, short

So stop look fear in the eye and do what you need to do.

Then, move on… move on…new experiences await you… await you…await you…

Poem– If Today were my Birthday: Life or Death by MW Hardwick

If today were my Birthday : Life or death- by MW Hardwick

If today were my birthday, how should I live this day?

The answer, for me, is to celebrate and enjoy the moment

Live in the here and now and

Enjoy every breath

Then take this day — my starting point 69 years ago

And live today and everyday as my last.
Be in good cheer, see the bright side of all challenges

Accept my friends and loved ones today.
Live with a clear purpose of having fun today. My special day.
Put aside all the expectations

And just experience what comes today.

Ignore my duties for today.
Treat myself today with kindness. Be care free.
Live mindfully today.
Be at peace today.
Be happy today. Be patient.

And accept what comes.

If I live this way today, I live in fulfillment and peace of mind.
If I die today, I die fulfilled with gratitude in my heart.

And in peace. And in peace…peace…

Maybe this is the way to live every day…every day