POEM: Solitude of Summer

Solitude of Summer-by MW Hardwick 
In the solitude of Summerafternoon
I smell the true meaning of life
In the slow gentle rain and wispy breeze of the Hill Country  —
I feel my body relaxing and my heart awakening
In the stillness of my being and sweet smell of a summer rain and
Boggy smells and sounds of Loneman Creek 
I am now one with nature—Self-aware.
One with Nature… 
Take a deep breath … then another…then another
I now feel relaxed.. as the warm rain of Summer engulfs me 
Clear mind. I put a smile on my face.

Hope. Joy and Gratitude flow.

Grounded… in this moment of beauty and —

Solitude…Solitude… Solitude

Being one with Nature…


New Poem: Front-door Visitor

Poem: Front Door Visitor  by MW Hardwick 

As the afternoon sun shines high in the blue North Carolina sky

I walk out to get the mail–

Opening the front door I am greeted with fluttering of Mommy Bird

She lands on the front side-walk and looks surprised and anxious

I guess she didn’t count on visitors to her nest.

Being as surprised as her I stop and ponder about my visitor

She may be re-thinking about her decision to build her nest on our door

But who could blame her– nice location, protected from the rains and wind  

At the beginning of each season my wife adorns the front door with a new decorative piece 

Honoring the start of a new season

I guess at the same time birds start looking for places for nest-building,

In front of our door are two maple trees; suitable for nest-building

And if I were a bird this might have been on my list for nests.

Our unwelcome friend picks the greenish handbag on our door

With the dried hydrangea and pink ribbon stuff in this gorgeous carry bag 

I think this really is not an easy place to build your nest.

But as a shelter from the elements is a good spot to call home.

All during the day diligently flying in and out  finding twigs and food

This visitor is always on the go very little time for rest or pause.

I can see her anytime I want just by opening the door, but as a good neighbor.

I don’t want to disrupt her routine.

I can change mine till she and her loved ones are ready to go.

Then one morning last week I take a peek

The nest is now completely vacant, but this is not a sad time

The kids have left home and the cycle of  nature goes on…

Cause next year my door will again be there,


Ready to greet her…Ready to greet her…

New Poem: Quaking of Aspen Leaves


Poem: Quaking of Aspen Leaves by MW Hardwick


Discover your love and your passion in life…

Maybe it’s more than one

Pursue life with energy in a place

Fitting your nature and sensibilities

Embrace a walk in the woods above 10,000 ft

I love hearing the Aspen leaves quaking in the afternoon sun

Listening in a mindful way to the whispers

Feeling tranquility wash over me

Wondering is this the end of Fall

Or just a winter tease

I love the sound of clicking boots on the mountain path and switchbacks.

Wisp of the wind in the pine and aspen trees

Limbs turning to and fro as birds hang on for dear life

Tickle of thin and cooler air of early Fall

I love the solitude and comfort of nature.

My body feling restored and mind being renewal

By just taking a belly breath in the moment.

Mountains are my place to feel free…happy, spiritual

And at peace…peace…peace…


Poem: From Darkness I Discovered JOY …

From darkness I Discovered Joy–M.W. Hardwick 

I was sleeping wide awake

My mind raced from scene to scene

Confusion reigned and restlessness preclude sleep

I was observing and not acting

I kept asking what is going on am I happy or sad

Flashes of High School friends mixed with family members.

Burdens and fears seem heavy.

Then, a storm hit people scattered and destruction was all around.

I was now in the dream running from the terror of a natural disasater

Voices I heard were cries for help and fear for my well-being

I stopped– do I run or stay.and be of service

The sun peaked through the clouds — the winds were strong and swirling

quivering air; breathe it; taste it

In a flash I felt joyful I can help

In the rumble of a collapsed house I hear a cry

digging –digging–digging at the edge of discovery

My pulse raced and breathing quickened

I had found an infant covered in stones and earthy clay

I reach gently to pick up the babe and brush the dirt from his or her face

Shaking I picked dirt from the mouth and eyes–the infant stopped crying

Was she or he breathing?

Then the joy of a smile

I awoke and life seemed to have changed

I dreamed of a terrible event yet joy and fulfillment won out.

Life truly is service, so I needed to face every day with a better nature

Focused on joy, service and resolution

I am now engaged each  day with purpose

Driven by the challenges of life’s bigger questions

Service  to others was Joy and joy was my purpose…

Wonder of Nature: Pain and Pleasures of Life…MW Hardwick

Wonders of Nature: Pain and Pleasures by MW Hardwick

I have been thinking of water

Needed for survival

Yet causing upheavals and destruction

Tunamis and all the rest

Flat mirror with sparkling dancers in the early morn

Waves rolling slowly on the rocks below

Crushing what stands in the way

Mother Nature showing its shadow side

And then again In Spring everything sprouts

Look: the shining grass grows watch carefully

When after heavy rain

The dry creeks are full

And Loneman grows overflowing its banks

People huddle on the other side

Low water crossing covered with roaring water

You and I looking with different eyes—one sees beauty

The other fear and destruction

Those who think they know

Know nothing

Power of Nature moves on

And the mystery of life remains…


Listening to the night rain on the roof

I stretch out take a sip of Jack and drag on my last cigarette…

And sit in the quiet wondering…is this all there is…

Let go and move on  nature will do what it does

And take care of itself…itself…itself…