Cloudless Sky… poem by MW Hardwick

Cloudless Sky– by  MW Hardwick 

Our fragile hold on life, ups and downs, pain and pleasure, happiness and sadness

purpose and meaning, making a difference or not…

What do we want from life– autonomy with freedom to choose our path

Many paths are in front of us, which one to choose—

Living in the moment enjoying what is in front of us embracing one’s curiosity

Like a high-spirited child or grandchild, get engaged climb aboard the adventure of discovery,

Imagination and wonder…

Questions abound and usually start with—WHY?

Why are we here? Why do have fog? Why do we need sleep? Why do need money?

Where do babies come from? Where do birds go in the rain..Why do people die…

Don’t get stuck in finding anwers to all your questions or

Controlling things you can’t control…or Making things right or perfect

Just enjoy the journey and accept the mysteries of life.
It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery…
but what a wonderful and beautiful ride…It has been said by many–to have one friend and a bond that keeps us going, growing and wondering—is enough…

So what is this thing called life all about?

Maybe we  just need to stop looking for answers–And just need to meet life with more flexibility, openness, spontaneity, caring and freshness…

By finding our “still point”  which keeps us going, growing, wondering and opening-up to –our tranquility within… and simplicity of action uncluttered and unlimited…

By building a sense of trust in uncertainty and unknown…

Like a cloudless sky…cloudless sky… cloudless sky…


Imagine… New Poem

One of my favorite songs…inspired my thoughts to write this poem—


Imagine–peace not war in the world…

Enough food for all our children…

Acceptance not racism…

Opportunities abound for everyone

To grow and develop into their full potential…

Support and help for all to earn a living wage …

Leading to…

THE COOLEST THING EVER, the matchless giving and sharing

Rather than greed and self-interest…

This would be a world worth imaging and  living in…

And maybe more happiness, happiness for all.

Poem: On Being Courageous

Courage To BEby MW Hardwick

To say and act on what you believe.

To stand up for what is right, 

To face difficulties with calmness, openness and flexibility.

To stand your ground when fairness and morality are shelved.

To be accountable and to hold others accountable,
To share ideas, information and resources,
To use caring confrontation when conflict arises
To partner to find solutions

To never stop listening with empathy.

To confront fear, pain and injustice

To take-on reasonable risks

To accept life’s uncertainty

And find the courage to face difficulties,

To act right in the face of opposition and intimidation

To never stop learning. Never stop learning.

To keep your dreams alive by speaking your truth…


New Poem: Happiness Happens…Be Ready…by MW Hardwick


Happiness  happens… Be Ready… by MW Hardwick 

Spend your time when happiness arrives
Be open to what you love
by engaging ideas and people who energize….

Don’t waste your time on past mistakes
learn lessons and get on your path
and leave pain and frustrations behind.

Be aware and attuned to the “here and now”
Let positive energy guide you to unknown opportunities
Offering you a chance for growth and renewal

As the world offers to you …positive energy,
Be there and aware of what to do.. Accept your feelings —enjoy the moment

And you can be truly transformed.

With happiness things still go wrong…
And you have the resilience and belief—-To comeback and step-up …
Life’s journey seems clearer to you.

You are filled with purpose and direction
Happiness comes most often from deep inside… And  seen in outside

Caring and selfless souls
Feel inner peace and act on what is NOW
Happiness flows to those awake and authentic..not to frauds and fakers

Happiness arrives like a cool breeze on a muggy night… Happiness is there for the taking

Happiness  is being proud of who you are and what you do..
Happiness is living spontaneously without monitors or what if’s …

Feeling happy comes from experience and knowing
You are going and doing things aligned with
A purposeful and constructive life…

Feel the joy and  smile…Life is short…

Life is short…Life is being ready…



New Poem: Father’s Wish…by MW Hardwick

“Your emotional life is not written in cement during childhood. You write each chapter as you go along”. Harry Stack Sullivan

Father’s Wish…by MW Hardwick

If only I could “do over”…

If I had you to raise again,

I’d pay more attention, watch with my eyes and listen more.

I’d look for your strengths and be there for you.

I’d build self-esteem, respect your differences and guide you more.

I’d build castles in the sand and point the finger less.

I would do less correcting and more hugging and connecting.

I would care to have less material stuff and learn to care more.

I’d stop demanding respect and earn it

I’d shoot more baskets, take more runs play more tennis and do it more often.

I would take more hikes and  gaze at more stars together

I’d stop worrying and provide more direction and help sooner

I’d do more hugging and less shouting.

I would be stronger in setting boundaries and affirming much more.

I’d model more about the power of love and less about rules.

If only I could “do over” but I can’t…re-doings not allowed

So I hope you know I did the best I could

And you forgive any errors or hurts I caused

Along the way…Along the way.. Along the way

I only hope it’s not too late…not too late…For more father and son hugs…

And for you to find your way and write your life script

For I did my best….my best…