Poem–Reflections On Loneman Creek and Common Ground


Reflections on Solitude and Common Ground by MW Hardwick 

This is the place for rest and relaxation

The hills and natural grass fulfilled my need for solitude

Alone with nature

You come to it over the low water crossing

Of  “Loneman Creek”  its freshness dripping along toward

A small but beautiful flowing dam—called shorty”

This house  designed by us in the Hill country of Texas

To be a refuge from the constant turmoil of life

An eye for light and sunshine accentuated  by 12 foot ceilings and

over 66 windows (some from the Yale Law library) in 1200 sq ft

Bringing the inner space and outdoor together in one continuous flow

This was our wound licking place,

a place safe for nesting now,

away from the pains of external life.

It is the opening of my eyes and my heart

It is the vision of restoration and loss of innocence

seen now as the reality of suffering and pain, and truth they hold.

It is the heart after years

of bruising and trying to fix the unfixable

speaking out loud in the clear air of  Loneman Creek.

One question remains why now and why us?

If I could look back with clear eyes–

what does it all mean and where do I stand?

I promise myself to the rolling hills and ash juniper

and to the shaky foundation of the “sun downer” from which

beautiful sunsets are viewed at the day’s end

and the warm southwest breeze to heal my sorrow and lift our  future–of a hopeful tomorrow…

an invitation for who knows what …

This is the bright home in which we escaped to live,

this is where I ask my soul to speak to me, our friends to come,

this is where we want to leave things barely touch by us,

to love all the things nature——it has taken me so long to learn to love…

Who knows what…what…life has in store for you and me.

The visible nature and invisible peace working together in this place called–

COMMON GROUND. Common Ground. common ground…

Don’t over think it…just enjoy, embrace life’s precious moments…



Poem–Lovers and Moments on Loneman Creek

Poem: Reflections on Loneman Creek

Lovers stand on the banks of Loneman Creek

There was an Asch Juniper, Sycamore and the their special Cypress

Promises made and hopes shared as the water trickled over the rocks

Nervous laughs, a silly smile–and a serious moment–its hard to be soft

Difficult to make it through droughts, floods but they stand

Until they bend in the wind, or turn brown and then they are gone.

It is life–bending with blows, disappointment, surprised by comments, a phone call or shocked by injustices

We feel pain and grow,

We want pleasure without effort,

We lose perspective and grow,

Disappoint ourselves and others and still grow.

Life as nature continues whether we like it or not,

Support helps, feeling is good, and still it is tough and special at the same time.

Life goes on; as the rain comes the grass grows;

fruit trees bloom, blue bonnets and sage spring to life–

And all we know is the moment was real…and there are no final answers…

And life goes on and on…and very little is right till it stops.