Message for President Obama and Other Political Leaders On War

Open letter to President Obama and our Congressional Leaders:

A common requirement of leaders at all levels is having the courage to make tough decisions and take difficult actions. Many times this is required when the leader does not have all the evidence, information and time to wait for enlightenment. No person ever has a enough wisdom, evidence or analysis to predict the future. Usually it comes down to the best guess given the situation and information available. Many times this means relying on your “gut feeling” which is based on values, past experience and intuition. Courage may be the X factor that separates poor, mediocre and outstanding leaders. Yet, becoming a courageous leader involves a lot more than talking, rating, and or blindly trying to teach others a lesson. The dictionary definition of courage is “the state or quality of mind and spirit that enables one to face danger or fear with confidence and resolution; bravery; valor.” What does all that mean when it comes to making a decision to violently attack another nation? How does war provide answers for moral decisions? Where there are no final solutions or good answers for a situation maybe inaction or pausing is okay? In regard to striking Syria with surgical and limited bombing maybe taking a step back and exhausting all options before engaging in war is the right alternative. Who cares about a red line when our safety and security is not threatened. History teaches us that war and violence just begets more uncertainty, more war and violence. History tells us to rush into War does not need to be the first choice.

Maybe President Obama and our Congressional leaders need to reflect on JFK’s big idea and thoughts about the dangers of war itself.   JFK once warned us when he said:    “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” In my opinion we have the time to keep talking and it is time for courageous action of choosing Peace over War .

Warm Regards, Mark W. Hardwick  

Message to President Obama–New Philosophy for Governing.

” It is too late in the day for Democrats to win over Republicans with words, and it is more certain that we can’t win by giving into their cynical and devious plans to defeat any kind of change and reform. What then can we do? “ Call their bluff and start working for and being the Party of the People not Corporate America.”  MWH

Our New Working Philosophy as Relevant Democrats
In our daily governing for the next year we will strive to:

  • Listen to and act on the needs and expectation of all Americans—solve problems and produce results.
  • To ensure change be meeting and exceeding constituents expectations and adding value to their “quality of life” not pain.
  • Live the values of common goals, common values, open and complete communication, trust, commitment, and creating a sense that the government “works” for all Americans not just Corporate America.
  • Build an empathic government through listening and acting on priority problems; such as HCR and more jobs…no matter what the other party wants
  • Create a climate of do no harm by “doing the right things for people” not doing what will just get you re-elected. Live your values and principles by standing up for the people not the bankers and Corporate CEO’s.
  • Rebuild trust and credibility with the folks who elected you and forget oppositional people who just say no.
  • Be brave, bold and courageous… execute and produce results now.
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