Poem: On Being Courageous

Courage To BEby MW Hardwick

To say and act on what you believe.

To stand up for what is right, 

To face difficulties with calmness, openness and flexibility.

To stand your ground when fairness and morality are shelved.

To be accountable and to hold others accountable,
To share ideas, information and resources,
To use caring confrontation when conflict arises
To partner to find solutions

To never stop listening with empathy.

To confront fear, pain and injustice

To take-on reasonable risks

To accept life’s uncertainty

And find the courage to face difficulties,

To act right in the face of opposition and intimidation

To never stop learning. Never stop learning.

To keep your dreams alive by speaking your truth…


Weekly Self-Coaching Exercise: Overcome Feeling Down by Focusing on Strengths and Increasing Mental Toughness

Focus on Strengths and Achievements 

Make a list of your strengths and life accomplishments. You may not give yourself credit for all that you have achieved in your life. Making a list of your strengths and accomplishments will help you become more aware of these successes and beef up your mental toughness needed to overcome negative thinking. It will also help change the focus of your self thoughts from negative ones to positive ones and increases your ability to handle tough things life can throw at you. You can do this exercise again and again, whenever you notice your self confidence or mental toughness is slipping away. Get a big sheet of paper and a pen you feel comfortable with. Draw a T or two columns on  the blank page, set the timer for 10 minutes (or as long as you’d like). Spend the time writing your strengths in one column and  accomplishments in the second column. You could never have a paper long enough or enough time to write them all. Nothing is too big or too small to go on this list. See example below:  Continue reading “Weekly Self-Coaching Exercise: Overcome Feeling Down by Focusing on Strengths and Increasing Mental Toughness”