Two Ways to Life a more Trusting Life

Two Secrets for Living a more Trusting life:

  1. The 6 word Rule–Don’t take yourself so fucking seriouslyYou trust others unconditionally and firmly believe that most people have your best intentions at heart.
  2. Generally I believe there are two important ways to treat and interact with people: a) Test them until they are proven to have good intentions and you can trust them or trust others without conditions. b.) Give trust away. In this option you believe that people have good intentions until they are proven wrong. I think you will find more people to trust and find life is more interesting and joyful if you follow option b. CAUTION-There is a clear downside to this trusting approach – you might get taken advantage of in the short-term because there are a few looking to con or take advantage of “trusting souls”. However, the upside is huge. When good people feel trusted, they go out of their way to reciprocate.

Remember: You are a gift to the world. Not only can you model more trust and respect by the way you live your life – you bring more happiness and joy to those around you!