Lesson By Michael Jordan: Success–God Given or Part of Effort and Growth Mindset

Lesson from Michael Jordan –What does effort and persistence look like when you don’t give-up? Air Jordan Lengdary Commercial: This clip can be used to communicate and reinforce that great things can happen when someone has passion,persistence, a learning plan and strategies, an open and growth mindset, and does not give up. Not everyone can be a super star like Jordan, but everyone can grow and turn their potential into better performance. The message here is that you are not just born with talent and skills but is grown through hard work and set backs are part of the learning performance journey.

President Obama arrives as Advocate In Chief

Our advocate has arrived. Finally, there is some listening and action on the needs and expectation of all Americans at the White House—solve our problems and produce results. By being an advocate the President can rebuild trust and credibility with the folks who elected him; ensure positive change by meeting and exceeding constituents expectations and adding value to their “quality of life” not pain; and build an empathic government through listening and acting on priority problems; such as HCR and more jobs… and more Continue reading “President Obama arrives as Advocate In Chief”