One Way for dealing with Change and Loss–Understanding the “SEE” Effect.

Significant Emotional Experience (SEE)

Change. For most of us it takes a significant emotional experience  or event (SEE) to wake us up or get our attention and this in turn motivate us to explore and change our behaviors, ideas or focus and purpose and meaning in life.  Some of these emotional experiences are based in suffering from losing a loved one, a change in financial circumstances, divorce or relationship break-up, physical illness or disability  or changes in our jobs or geography. These changes are wake-up calls or an awaking that we are loss or want more out of life than merely getting to the end unscathed. These events cause most of us to re-assess life’s bigger questions—Who are we and what do we want to do with our life? These situations cause a disruption or pain that does not go away until we step up and resolve the issues or change our view and actions about how to live our lives and create a meaning and purpose for living. Start telling yourself new messages, believing in focused attention and turning down or off the inner fears or critic. Every time your inner critic begins to tell you that you are loser, stop him. Say, “No! That’s BS. Here’s the truth.” Then repeat your new message or affirmation.

For example, At a critical moment in a tennis match the inner critic says you always miss the important points or you are a choker when the match hinges on your ability to serve out a match to win. You say STOP. Take a deep breath and remember times when you have overcome steep hills to win. You visualize winning the point and turn it over to your fluid and natural Self 2. You play every point going down to the wire with focus on the “here and now” moment and remind yourself of comebacks in the past. You say to the inner critic I am not a loser and I don’t quit. I just need to focus on the next shot and do the best I can.!

Daily quote and Reflection–How to get Unstuck and Get Moving?

“Your central nervous system can’t tell the difference between something visually imagined and something that actually happened.”  Dr. James Loehr

To get unstuck you need to find ways to live a more constructive life. One of these ways is to  use the power positive visualization to change negative emotional states to positive ones. Visualization techniques have been used successfully for relaxation, to improve concentration and healing. Its becoming very popular in sports psychology because of the immediate benefits it can produce in performance levels. If you do a search you will note that now there are hundreds if not thousands of self-help books that advice on using visualization techniques to achieve better results in your personal life. The technique starts with the assumption that when you clearly visualize an outcome that you want and follow the right steps in your mind’s eye and stamp it in your mind through repetition and focus, and are firmly convinced that you will attain it, your brain makes every effort to realize the mental image you have created. And then, through your concentration, focus and effort, the result you want is made a reality. For example, try this on as your positive affirmation today: Picture yourself reacting to a mistake and instead of beating your self-up; see yourself laughing and smiling with your boss or customer as you get feedback for your error. Say to self I will find humor in my mistakes. When I can smile inside and then outside, I am in control of my emotions. The best and healthiest form of laughter is self-directed. Humor can help you smooth the bumps we all experience in life.

Visualization Exercise:

The wonderful think about visualization is that it is not a complex process to learn. You can do it on your own, you just have to think about the goal or end result you desire.  If you integrate specific steps and add your passion and desires to your visualization, it will be so strong that you will feel as if  you were really there and it was actually happening.

Here are some tips to improve your visualization:

Concentration is very important to achieve great results and be able to actually feel the event that you are imaging. If you lack of concentration you will not be able to visualize correctly, relax, breath deep and then start visualizing.

Thinking, you need to think very deeply on the events that you are imaging with every detail of what surrounds you and what it is the place that you are visualizing. Focus and concentrate to achieve your results. The first time you try it, it might seem wired or difficult to accomplish but just relax and think strong about what is that you desire with all your heart.

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