New Research on Importance of Human Connections ( face to face) on our Physical and Psychological Well Being

Quote: “ Daily living is about growing connections with people not with our screens and tech tools.”  Mark Hardwick, Ph.D.

Reflection: Just finished reading a great article by Dr. Barbra Fredrickson in the NY times entitled –Your Phone vs. Your Heart.

The article is based on recent research about the effects of human connections on our physical and emotional well being. Here is just one take away I felt important to share: “ In short, the more attuned to others you become, the healthier you become, and vice versa. This mutual influence also explains how a lack of positive social contact diminishes people. Your heart’s capacity for friendship also obeys the biological law of “use it or lose it.” If you don’t regularly exercise your ability to connect face to face, you’ll eventually find yourself lacking some of the basic biological capacity to do so.

The human body — and thereby our human potential — is far more plastic or amenable to change than most of us realize. The new field of social genomics, made possible by the sequencing of the human genome, tells us that the ways our and our children’s genes are expressed at the cellular level is plastic, too, responsive to habitual experiences and actions”.

So the important question becomes –How much social contact are you having in your daily life? Are you having more screen time and not enough partner, kid or friend time? Maybe you need to take an audit of your level of interactions with others vs. your screen interaction.

Read full article  at

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