Never Easy to Say Goodbye: Two Rules for Leaving

Case in point: Saying Goodbye after 14 years

In her job at Netflix’s, Patty McCord the person responsible for building Netfix’s “adult to adult” Freedom and Responsibility Culture was very successful. She also was responsible for notifying people when it was time to leave the company she created two rules for saying goodbye:

 1. You can’t be surprised by the decision.

2. You need to keep your dignity by doing the right thing for the person going and the company. 

“I was like,’ geez this sucks’ because I had been here a long time,” said McCord. “But, not really, I wasn’t surprised, if I think about it. But I hang out with Reed (ex-husband) all the time. For example,  You can break up with someone and survive if you have a deep relationship with somebody. When you agree that the number one priority is the right thing for the company and you agree that the person you report to gets to make the decision of what they want the team to look like, then you can’t ever be surprised.” Remember companies don’t exist to make you happy. You know that, right? The business doesn’t exist to serve you.

She adds: “It’s the same thing if you decide to leave. It’s our own careers and our company and I’d like us, in the broader society, to not have these emotional breakups. When you’re part of something for that long, you’re never really not part of it.”

After her many talks with CEO Hastings, McCord says the two decided her departure was the right thing to do.

“We did it in a way where I had a lot of dignity, everyone in the company knew all about it, it wasn’t a big freak-out, I didn’t disappear in the night,” she explained. “We did it like the grown-ups we are and that is part of the culture.”

Read full article at : Fast Company article published on 2. 17.2016