Smart-Step Method to Personal Change: Keep Re-Inventing Yourself

“”The key to life-long learning is not the amount of time we have, but the courage to face our demons and act.” Pecos River Learning Center

A Positive Self-Image Leads to Success” cites a TIME study which found “only 3 percent of those surveyed had written personal goals while 97 percent of the respondents either had no goals at all or had only thought about them.” Interestingly, the 3 percent with written goals accomplished more. Here is Smart-Step approach for goal setting. Continue reading “Smart-Step Method to Personal Change: Keep Re-Inventing Yourself”

Reflection #7 Sitting on the Bench–Be Ready!!!

Many times while watching the NCAA “March Madness” I wonder what it is like to be crowned Champions? Yet this messgae from United Technologies Coroporation provides a different perspective and a life lesson for us all. Think about it.

                          To the Kid On the End of the Bench Continue reading “Reflection #7 Sitting on the Bench–Be Ready!!!”

Reflection #5 –What is Learning?

“The truth depends upon a walk around the lake.”  Wallace Stevens.

Let’s take a walk together and reflect on what learning  is…

 I spent the last few hours pondering and responding to this incomplete sentence. Learning is…

 On this post you will find my list of 25 statements . Let’s see if you can add a few more insights so we can increase our perspectives of learning. 


1. Never complete or finished

2. Learning is being curious.

3. Learning is stopping and reflecting.  

4. Learning is life long.

5. Learning is approximate and always incomplete.

6. Learning is making mistakes; then understanding the lesson.

7. Learning is never giving up on yourself.

8. Learning is teaching a communications class or any other subject.

9. Learning is appreciating the power of focus and concentration.

10, Learning is trusting your ideas.

11. Learning is to be  present in the moment not day dreaming.

12. Learning is all about knowing that the more you understand; the more you have to learn.

13. Learning is a deliberate intention to stretch yourself.

14. Learning is tapping your potential and passion for growth and development.

15 Learning is not being stubborn or bullheaded

17. Learning is seeing your 401K becoming a 101K.

18. Learning is all about flexible thinking.

19. Learning is absorbing data turning it into information and then into usable knowledge.

20. Learning is growing old with dignity and passing on your wisdom.

20. Learning is using trail and error; then remembering what was right and what was wrong.

21. Learning is listening to a preacher or teacher and taking home one or two useful ideas.

22. Learning is conquering your fears.

23. Learning is showing up and being present.

24. Learning is challenging your irrational ideas and bad behavior.

25. Learning is sometimes being silent and just listening.  

Add your ideas about learning; at least it will take your mind off of the economy.

Smart-Step Personal Change Process

“Be the Change You Want To Be.”  Gandi

On this post, I would like to talk about personal change and master coaching. We all have seen the intensity of athletic coaches. Sense it is basketball season you probably have observed how coaches do coaching in real time. They pull a player out of the game and talk to them about what happened on the floor just a few seconds ago. For example, the other night I watch a coach pull a player out of the game because the man he was guarding gave him a head and then a ball fake and was by him for an easy layup.  The coach provided immediate feedback on what the player did wrong and tips on how to play better defense by moving his feet, not standing flat-footed and reaching with his arms to try an stop the opponent. This brief coaching session last less than thirty seconds and provide an example of excellent coaching. Let’s look at the steps–the player was provided immediate feedback,  wrong behavior was identified, coach quickly demonstrate desired behavior and reinforcement was given with a pat on the fanny. By the way this was all communicated in a calm and positive manner.  The coach saw this teachable moment and took advantage of it. Continue reading “Smart-Step Personal Change Process”

Keep Head Down to Save Your Job– Good or Bad Strategy?

“Things do not Change. We Change.” Henry David Thoreau

I hear over and over again from colleagues and beleaguered workers that the best way to survive this global economic crisis is to ” keep your head down”. I want to present a different point of view. If you are keeping your head down and just trying to do your work, hoping that this strategy will keep the “wolves away from the door”, you may be taking the wrong path. Continue reading “Keep Head Down to Save Your Job– Good or Bad Strategy?”