Monday Morning Blues

How does it feel to go to work on Monday?   After a holiday like  Thanksgiving it is usually difficult to go back to the workplace routines. Struggle out of bed, get that coffee, and put on your warrior suit.  Jump out of bed, put on the running shoes and hit the road, return from run refreshed and energized, shower and put on your warrior suit. I am sure there are many other scenarios you can share.  My point is:  are you energized about work or not?   Continue reading “Monday Morning Blues”

Reflections: Make Everyday Thanksgiving

Living in the “here and now” and learning to celebrate and enjoy the special times of family and friends during the holidays can be a struggle for many people. Yet to me it means remembering the good times and reflecting on the ongoing journey and task of making our lives speak and work by a belief in the sacredness and dignity of every human being. For me the following Quaker message by Robert Smith in his book A Quaker Book Of Wisdom says it all about how to make Thanksgiving a part of everyday life–

“…We miss the possibilities of the present by continuously thinking ahead to the next activity, planning for the next day, the weekend, the future. Our conscious lives are on continuously fast-forward. Others of us seek to escape current problems, or dissatisfaction or boredom by constantly looking back to events that took place in the past. Take advantage of today–for your own sake and the sake of your family, your community, and all of humanity…as philosopher Alfred Whitehead wrote,” the present contains all that there is. It is holy ground.”… My greatest satisfation comes from doing my best to make the most of every moment even if the toilet or sink gets clogged. Happy Thanksgiving and remember every moment and interaction counts.