Finding the Courage to Confront Assholes by Mark Hardwick


“We tend to regard ourselves as puppets of the Past, Driven along by something that is always behind us.” Alan Watts

Many of us avoid difficult people and conversations because of past experiences. It takes courage to speak the truth in these difficult circumstances. I found that learning about and using a caring confrontation method will provide the motivation and courage you need to tackle these type of people and situations.

Caring Confrontation  Method 

If you or another person is in state of anxiety and upset, clarity comes from sitting still, taking a deep breath, clearing your mind and smiling. This is simple relaxation tool for reducing the heat between your self and an angry person or group. Deescalating tension is a way out of a crisis state of mind because it taps   down on our instinctive “fight” mode by deflecting anger and other reactive responses. It is better to use the Stop. Breathe. Relax technique. Then “go within” and focus on the answers you already have from positive past experiences… if you listen to your truth and act consciously not to confront or say things to ratchet up the anger of the other person the situation can be resolved in constructive manner.

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