Authentic Presentation of Self: Results in Unique Audience Connections

Let’s look at critical communication principles supporting “unique connections”.


  • Authentic presentation of self--presenter is flexible, knowledgeable, comfortable, genuine, credible, open and approachable. No dramatic spin or excessive prepackaging.
  • Executive presence and poise— firm hand shake, good eye contact, appropriate attire, an engaging smile, sense of humor and overall professionalism
  • Audience involvement and discovery– Focus on Your Audience Needs and Your Message Will Be Heard. When participants feel involved and engage in the discovery of new information and facts they are open to influence and pay more attention to your message.
  • Sticky Message–Although this is only 7% of the impact of your effectiveness; if it is not present you fail as a communicator. The message must be presented in a clear, concise and compelling style that is experienced as relevant and responsive to participant needs. Messages need to create common ground through ordinary language around meaningful themes based on powerful proof points or facts.
  • Passion is the fuel and purposeful message is the engine that drives impact. Ideas do not propel themselves on to people; passion makes them go and helps connect with others through inspiration. Passion, in addition to knowledge, confidence, and skill, is a valuable presenter asset. Passion is what transforms ideas into lasting impacts. Unfortunately, there seems to be a fundamental principle of change that says when pursuing a passion, disbelief and challenges are part of the process. Extraordinary presenters and influencers need to override the obstacles to passion and learn how to manage both effectively.
  • Differences should be respected.  The differences that normally divide people — such as experience, values, beliefs, race, language, culture, gender, thinking and style — can be a plus for the authentic, attuned and observant communicator. When differences are acknowledged and listened to people  who see authenticity move beyond skepticism, fear, mistrust and biases. In such an accepting climate differences can be shared and resolved by mutual problem solving. Joint problem solving and ability to negotiate and understand audience needs enhances the chances of making unique connections and creating extraordinary impact on listeners.