Constructive Ways to Be a Growth Mindset Communicator.

Do you think you are a “growth minded” communicator? Truly growth minded people do not wait for challenges or rewards to find them; instead, they bring positivism and effort to whatever situation they find themselves confronting. They understand that their words are the best tools they have to shape other people’s perception of them and make their life more exciting and engaging.

Check out these 6  proven ways that parents, teachers and managers might use in daily interactions to encourage more growth minded thinking and behavior.

1. “I am really excited to see you are…”
A huge part of love in the family or workplace is making sure that the unique moments of connection are recognized and acknowledge. This statement is one of the simplest ways to let someone know that you are aware of the new approach or effort they are making to do a better job in handling challenges and obstacles in trying to complete their tasks and assigned duties.

2. “Seeing and interacting with you always makes me try and be more open to new ideas and to try new ways of doing things .”
This ups the ante of the previous statement–it is presenting the same positive message while implying that the person you are talking to always holds the power to make you feel positive. For the person you are talking to, they will feel grateful, appreciative and happy, and you will feel happy for putting a smile on someone’s face.
3.  “I was really impressed when you…”
Focus on specific process and achievements of the person. Instead of just making your friend feel good by praising them, this approach offers proof to them that they are a hard-working achiever.
4. “I know you’re capable of more. You are moving in the right direction yet we are not there yet. 
Everyone needs a challenge or push sometimes, especially if they are “stuck” or having a tough time. Part of a loving relationship is communicating to that they are on the right road to achieve their full potential. Saying this can help remind others how awesome they really are. If saying this pushes them to achieve more, they will remember your comment and feel inspired and grateful.
5. “I’d like to hear what you think about…”
If you want to open people-up to more learning and effort it is important for you to involve them in developing strategies for more learning. This approach shows that you respect their input and you value their opinions However, many people don’t want to share their opinions because they don’t want to seem “stupid” or judged as not being as “smart” as they have been told they are. relevant to you.
6. “Tell me more about the strategy you used to arrive at this conclusion .”
This statement is both kind and reassuring; many people worry that they have been talking for too long and that no one is listening or interested. This tells them that you are still listening, and that you value what they are saying to you.

Self- Coaching Challenge: Over the next 24 hours try using one of these “growth mindset” communication methods and see how they work with in developing a more positive interaction. Remember growth minded coaches or teachers bring effort to whatever situation they find themselves confronting. They understand that their words are the best tools they have to shape other people’s experiences and make their brains more open to learning.

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