Inspiration:The Story of Misty Copeland–A life of Struggle and Thriving to be the Best You Can Be.

Misty Copeland, principal dancer at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre is a case study on never giving-up and overcoming negativity to be a great ballerina. Copeland is an American ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre, one of the three leading classical ballet companies in the United States. Her style, grace, passion, and skills have gotten her to the top, and made her the 1st African-American woman to be promoted in the ABT’s 75-year history! Breaking barriers indeed… See more at
“” The best piece of advice that I remember probably on a daily basis is to accept everything about me that is different. That is what makes me special…The path to your success is not as fixed and inflexible as you think.” Misty Copeland For those that don’t know the story of Misty Copeland and are struggling with obstacles and difficulties in life you are missing many lessons of how self-belief, learning , effort and perseverance begin with mental toughness, thriving and growing in life.Tom Ashbroke in his podcast On Point with Misty Copeland has produced an amazing 1 hour of insights, reflection and triumph of mind-body insights, racism and mindsets for discovering, accepting and acting on your gifts and strengths in living a life on purpose.

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