Reflections Move Ahead…Poem by MW Hardwick

Doubt and ambivalence haunt my sense of certainity

To question trust in others and institutions is normal.

Here in the midst of lies and false news causing confusion.

The “Father of the Birther” movement becomes President Elect

Our future based on trust and accurate information, planning and a steady hand this time around…

May not hold true.

We stop to engage where we are

And see many potential scenarios, that scare us

These difficult times leave us with many questions

This reality of change may not support our beliefs and values

And challenge our reality and security,

The answer may be to consider living in the here and now

We worry about things we can’t control

This day, now, awaits you and challenges you to do your best,

With what you have…have the courage to admit that these are scary times.

Move ahead…Move ahead….remembering there will always be more reasons for gratitude than for despair.

Suffering and Failure can be good – if you use them as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Cultivate living in the moment as a way of being,

We not change the world and its lies and ills

We can change our perception and response to the world.

If we fill our lives with moments of love…

Moments of love…moments of life… and respond by answering

The call of a meaning by just being in the “here and now”…

We will indeed love the life we have…if stay awake and engaged

By just moving on…step by step…

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