Struggling with Improving Presentations? Try these “Unique Connect” tips

Daily Quote: “Presentation goal: Is not to give a great presentation but to connect”…Tom Peters 

Want to “connect with your audience” try these practical and proven methods.

I’ve recently begun to try some quick tips for participants after workshop attendance so as to reinforce ideas and skills taught during the event. The first tip I would like to share is called “PQC” (Point, Quote, Connect). It’s a simple way participants can use during their next presentations to highlight their key message.

Tip # 1 PQC:

1.Make your over-riding message or “POINT” during the presentation more than one time. This point needs to be one that you want the audience to remember and use in their next presentation.

  1. Use a compelling “QUOTE” from an expert or research study. This information needs provide evidence and significant facts to support the main message of your talk.
    3. Make acompelling “CONNECTION” by presenting a personal experience or by telling a story that is relevant to the point being made and is memorable to the audience.
  2. Stop trying to be “PERFECT OR A KNOW IT ALL”. For example, if you are asked a question that you don’t know the answer to admit that and ask the audience for possible answers or solutions. This approach makes you more approachable, helps engage the audience and build trust
  3. Model the behavior you are trying to teach. For example, I have learned that briefly modeling what I expect or am trying to teaching there nothing more an important than explaining to the participants in real time what technique I just used to make the presentation more interactive and more effective. For the audience members (if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 10 years of training and coaching physicians and health care professionals) is that modeling is fun and fundamental for getting volunteers willing to try out a new technique or be video taped when presenting. This approach increases the overall atmosphere and risking taking that is paramount for learning. One of the better teaching methods is for me to model the activity and let participants provide feedback. Once I model the technique and receive feedback the room becomes less tense and participants especially like pointing out how I can improve. The trust I build doing this type of activity makes participants less defensive and more effective in learning from me and there peers.


Self-Coaching Challenge: Pick one of these tips to incorporate into your next presentation. Good Luck and keep us informed with progress.

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