Surprise Connect between Kayne West and Aritist: Reflection on how Art influences Culture and Celebrity

” If art is always created in the service of the almighty dollar, we’re really in trouble”. Vincent Desiderio, Artist “.

A painter from the School of Realism shares his thoughts about art and its purpose to transform people. In an unbelievable and insightful featured story at NPR Sunday Morning 7/3 2016. Kayne West inspired by a painting by Vincent Desiderio, entitled called Sleep has produced a music video in homage to a Desiderio (Sleep: a 24-foot wide, hyper-realistic image of a group of people lying in mostly nude slumber). NPR’s Rachel Martin spoke to the artist to find out what he thinks of West’s new album, The Life of Pablo and their most recent chat and celebration. Hear the radio version at the audio link and read more of their interaction and unlikely meeting. This definitely an unlikely couple, both portraying the world of “celebrity and culture” through a different art form and lens yet insync in their view of the obnoxiousness, silliness and erosion of modern day culture. 

When Rachel Martin, NPR reporter, ask about his reactions to Kayne’s video he said:

I was gobstruck, is the word. I was absolutely floored and honored, and I almost felt like crying. I think that Kanye and I embraced each other, and everyone else was sort of like that — they were all high-fiving me and hugging me. There are experiences like that in the arts where somebody actually gets what you’re doing. Not that your goal is to communicate — it’s more self-enlightenment. But at that moment I realized that Kayne and I were on the same page completely. He was an art student, and speaking to him was like speaking to the brightest of my peers.


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