Attention Small Business Owners: Solving the Customer Satisfaction Problem

Part II: MESSAGE FOR Small Business Owners– Want more satisfied customers treat your employees better.

My second posting for modern day managers and small business owners is based on the latest research on best practices and my consulting experiences gain over 40 years of observing and working on customer care projects for both businesses large and small.

Solving the Problem of Customer Satisfaction–Satisfy your employees first.

Most business leaders are always looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction and thereby increase their chances of being successful. The place overlooked most often is right under their nose–BE MORE RESPECTFUL, KIND, AND FAIR TO THEIR MOST VALUABLE CUSTOMER THEIR EMPLOYEES. 

It is my belief that most workers try to do their best do an assignment or task. Yet trying to do it just the way the boss wants it done is exhausting. Focusing on a sense of pleasing the boss takes effort and jeopardizes self-initiative, morale of workers, and quality service. Here are some of the questions bosses need to answer when contemplating this issue: Do I really understand  my employee needs and create an environment were workers are motivated and reward for doing things right? Do I show appreciation for workers making the effort  or taking the initiative for making the customers experience the best it can be? Do I put in place rules or policies that support employee empowerment and autonomy to make decisions on the spot to make the customers experience memorable and satisfying? Do you leave room for employees to make and learn from mistakes? Are they doing it the way I want it done rather than what the customer needs and wants ? Are they staying late to complete their task or just punching the clock because they don’t feel ownership for making the business a success ? Is enough being done to create a more engaged and responsive work place environment based based on adult to adult relationship rather than a critical-parent to child one?

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