Daily Quote: Getting Unstuck–Wisdom from artist Chuck Close

Being “stuck” is no fun and a waste of energy. So instead of making-up excuses why you don’t feel like doing what you need to do.

Try this advice from renowned artist Chuck Close’s on this topic:

” Inspiration is for amateurs.  The rest of us just show up and get to work.”-Chuck Close 

Reflection: So if you are sitting there “stuck”, putting something off because you don’t feel like it, remember that you don’t actually need to feel like doing it.  There is nothing stopping you from getting going right now.

Self-Coaching: Within the next 24 hours identify one thing you have been putting off doing because you you don’t want to or feel like doing it. Here is formula that works:

1. Be clear on what you need to do.

2.Accept your feelings.

3. Set a time for completion.

4. Then do what you need to do.

Good Luck and enjoy getting one more thing off your “to do list”




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