The Brain as a Muscle

How learning changes the brain and what sort of activities promote learning?

1. The brain and intelligence are not fixed—they both change when you learn – the brain grows more new cells and connections when you learn.

2. You get smarter by exercising your brain, much the same way that you get stronger by exercising your muscles.

3. How can you exercise the brain?

Start by remembering: You are never too old to learn and develop your brain!

  • By exploring new information, challenging yourself with learning new concepts, and practicing skills.
  •  Practice is the key to learning—only by deliberate and structured practicing can you grow new connections in that area of your brain responsible for learning a new idea or skill
  • The more connections you make, the easier it gets to make new ones
  • Positive and supportive environments can influence brain growth
  • Active and discovery learning are the keys to stimulating brain growth


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