Changing Your Fixed and Closed Mind-Key to Growth Mindset

 “Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind,” Maria Popova author of Brainpickings blog

“Try not to get overly attached to a hypothesis just because it’s yours.” Carl Sagon

Backfire Bias and Fixed Mindset

“Once something is added to your collection of beliefs, you protect it from harm. You do this instinctively and unconsciously when confronted with ideas that are inconsistent and challenge your present position or thinking. New information is discounted and ignored.  Just as confirmation bias shields you when you actively seek information, the backfire effect defends you when the information seeks you, when it blindsides you. Coming or going, you stick to your beliefs instead of questioning them. You get locked-in to certain beliefs and they become very difficult to change.Take for example, the “fixed” mindset of the Trump voters. They discount the racist and fowl things he says about Latinos or other less fortunate people because they believe the system is rigged and media is biased against him because he is an outsider who tells the truth even if the facts are not on his side. For example, his made-up story about Muslin’s cheering in NJ when the twin towers went down on 9-11.

When someone tries to correct you, or challenge your misconceptions or “fixed” and closed mindset it backfires and strengthens those misconceptions instead. Over time, the backfire effect makes you more skeptical of those things that would allow you to change beliefs. The outcome is a firming-up of false beiefs so that you continue seeing present beliefs and attitudes as true and proper instead of misinformed or locked-in to falsehoods and myths. David McRaney


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