Plus One Tool for Learning How to Build on Strengths

Growth Mindset provides us with many techniques and tools for supporting the “growth” of our brain. A powerful tool used is known as the +1 strength builder.  This is a proven strategy for identifying and building important personal or team changes. Regulating our ability to be more observant and ope to change is critical for developing a “Growth Mindset”. The emotional ups and downs that many of us struggle with on a day-to-day basis is important for growth, development and learning. We also explore the importance of being more playful when learning and how it helps us more through our mistakes and learning the lessons inherent in failure.

Process Tips for PlusONE Technique (+/1) 

Purpose:  This change management or personal development tool provides a method for continuous learning and improvement for an individual or team. The +/1 tool can support your desire to stretch yourself or team to higher levels of performance.


Plus +


  • Identify and evaluate your present situation a s a standard to evaluate progress
  • Determine what are the things that are working first
  • These are the items to maintain and use more frequently
  • These are strengths and skills that can be built upon


One (opportunities for improvement)


  • These are opportunities for improvement, things that can be improved and changed to be more effective.


  • 1’s are action oriented and specific things


  • 1’s are things within the realm of realistic change actions


  • 1’s need to be acted upon as soon as possible


Example of Meeting Plus One review of behavior and current situation







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