Seven Small Dose Learning Steps to support Personal Choices

Here is the neuroscience behind why most people fail to succeed in making personal changes.

Here are 7 proven ways to support effective Personal Growth and Change goals:

  1. Strong willpower  and grit are learned skills. You have to work on being mentally tough. Develop more “grit”. For example, working out, the smallest amount of weight is hard at first, but as you work on it and improve over time, that small weight that seemed hard will become a lot easier.
  2. Execute without making excuses for not doing the change activities.
  3. Focus on positive rewards and feedback instead of negatives
  4. Hold yourself accountable. Write it down. Track changes on daily basis.
  5. Take on a small dose change rather than a bold audacious or life changing goal. Use the Plus-One Method for change.
  6. Pick a doable and manageable smart goal
  7. It’s okay to stumble and screw up. Just get back-up and keep at it. Never give-up it builds your resilience.

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