Self-Coaching: Focus on Plus One and Smart-Steps techniques

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Smart-Step and Plus 1 Change Tools for Self-Coaching   

  • Identify a reasonable change goal. Start by making your goal realistic, understandable, doable and measurable.
  • Monitor and Edit yourself in positive ways. Commit to setting and making progress to accomplishing this goal by the end of the weekend.  Set a Plus 1 goal by identifying one specific behavior to change and take a one step at a time to make some changes. To make the activity more challenging stretch from where you are now to where you want to go. Do not try to change everything at one time; review and reassess goal to keep it realistic and incorporate these small lessons learned from setbacks or failures. Try to understand setbacks and overcome them by the lessons you learned. Don’t give-up or give-in. Stay focused and bothersome distractions will disappear.
  •  Soften your “criticism.” of self . Do not quit if…

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