Stories on the impact of Growth Mindset on Performance

I changes the title of the post to capture the essence of the essay by Dr. Carol Dweck which is about the power of praise, effort and perseverance need to be a champion in any performance art. Enjoy Coach Mark

Growth Mindset Experts

Most of you now have heard about the new brain research regarding the growth and fixed mindsets. Understanding how to put this research into a day to day coaching framework can be difficult because it takes courage and practice to put aside our firmly held beliefs and common sense practices and try something new. Certainly  having proof of the power of these concepts is important for us to change our approach and behavior. So in this blog post I am going to provide an essay containing stories  written by Dr. Carol Dweck  about the benefits of knowing how to praise your kids so that they develop their brain as a learning machine that can help them engage more fully in the tasks of learning in school or playing sports. If we do praising and positive reinforcement in the right way we can help our kids or others we are in contact with develop the…

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