Part I–The “Good Life” Manifesto –Creating the Growth Mindset of Possibilities and Meaning for Life

You can learn anything campaign–Growth Mindset Manifesto. One of my most popular post. Enjoy Coach Mark

Growth Mindset Experts

Part I The Good Life Manifesto—Creating the Growth Mindset of Possibilities and Meaning for Life.

Carl Rogers once said: realized that being self-aware and motivated is to be alive in this moment of opportunities for growth and learning. He said: “you’ll learn only if you positively want to”.

Why should you want to develop your full potential? To make the best use of your base line abilities, to learn the elements of critical thinking, to land a challenging job, to excel because you’re used to making the effort and excelling–those are reasonable reasons. But not the most important reasons to stay motivated and focusing on continuous learning. The reality that comes before those other realities is that you are caught in what Santayana called the “human predicament” and you will find it useful to learn something about that predicament and how to navigate it and in the process learn who you…

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