Want more Confidence? Try these 3 Tips based on Neuroscience Research.


What is it and how can we get more of it?

When faced with a big challenge where benefits are clear and potential mistakes and failure are really possible, the advice most of us receive is, “Be more confident!” This advice is what I call “shallow helping”. To do something about our confidence we need to understand how genetics, environment and self-choices effective our confidence. Then we need to learn the proven, concrete and specific ways to think and act differently in the face of challenges. So let’s review where does confidence come from, and how can you get more of it? Here are three tips that you can use in trying to boast your confidence:

  1. Confidence is at its core a brain reaction to a stressful or challenging event. It based on the concept of Self Efficacy or you believe in your abilitiy to handle activities presented to you.
  2. Understand how a Fixed or Growth Mindset effects our learning and ability to see challenges as an opportunity for growth and development not a failure.
  3. Never. Never. Give-up or give-in. Understand the lessons failures can teach us and how grit, resilience and mindset increase our confidence.
  4. Now let’s watch a short introduction to these ideas about confidence from TED Education Series:



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