Daily Inspiration–Time to Check Your Pulse: Are You doing what you love to do?

So how, exactly, do find the the things we want to do? Very my vantage point I would recommend that you find something more important than your material well-being that needs solving and benefits others more than your own ego and self-aggrandizement. But how, exactly, do we find that? Surely, there is some luck to it and more importantly it is knowing your strengths and what you love to do. I believe in experience as being a prime mover for making your life’s calling a reality. It also involves being a reflective and self-directed person who makes choices and takes risks and responsibility for their actions. Yet the question for many still remains. How do I find my true calling and mission in life? There are many paths you can take on this journey because this quest is a complex and highly individualized experience and dance of discovery, learning and growth. Still, there are a few ways to support you in confronting and making this journey — that make it easier. So over the next few posts I will share experiences and insights from different thinkers who have tackled this question of making your life’s calling something you love to do.

My first entry is Steve Jobs, in his challenging and legendary Commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005.

Self-Coach Challenge: Over the next 24 hours–answer the question: Are you doing what you love to do or just settling for what is available? If you are just settling what do you need to do move you career and life down the road for more fulfillment? When are you going to get started and what will be your first steps for changing this situation?


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