Growth Mindset and Personal Goal Setting

Want to expand your mental capabilities? Get started by change one habit using the Growth Mindset Action Planning tool. Have a good day Coach Mark

Growth Mindset Experts

“To create a Growth Mindset–requires a positive and flexible “action mindset”, which is a specific, consistent and courageous approach toward accomplishing goals regardless of challenges. The technique of Smart-Steps and Plus One Goal setting enables individuals to see beyond their present limitations and into what might be possible in the future.” Mark W. Hardwick, Ph.D.

Reflections on Goal setting and the Growth Mindset.
We all set something akin to goals in our daily routines and activities of living. We do this either  in a formal manner like quarterly sales quotas, or personal habits we would like to change such as stop smoking, eating healthy or spending too much and smashing our household budget, gambling etc. We love setting goals and usually hate trying to fulfill them, and we all have difficulty fulfilling them. Setting too many general goals is the downfall for most of us–exercise more, find a new job…

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