Secret Sauce for Overcoming “Stuckness” and Failures” Develop Effort and the Growth Mindset

If you are struggling with a disappointment in job or career search these tips may help you find a breakthrough. Coach Mark

Growth Mindset Experts

Resilience and Mental Toughness key Factors for Learning and Mindset Growth

Along with positive expectations and reflection to uncover strengths, resiliency and mentally toughness many people are able to change habits and find new ways to conquer problems and challenges in life by adopting a more open and growth mindset rather than being closed to new ideas or learning. Some people become “less stuck” or attached to a certain mindset and outcome by just being more aware that anything can be learned if they approach setbacks or failures as a challenge not as something they can’e overcome because of their genes or inherited abilities. For example, Michael Jordan considered one of the best basketball player’s of all time didn’t start out from birth as a super-talented star. He once tried for his high school basketball team and was cut because he didn’t have the skills or abilities of other players…

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