Power of Negative thoughts on attitude and performance

Daily Quote: ” Nothing can stop the [person] with the right mental attitude from achieving [their] goal; nothing on earth can help the [person] with the wrong mental attitude.”  Thomas Jefferson

Change the way you think and you can change your attitude about how you feel and act. Research has shown that every time you think of something, you choose the attitude and feelings that are associated with it. If you have a negative thought you are guaranteed to have a negative feeling associated with that thought. When negativity takes hold our attitude becomes negative and our performance tumbles. So the question is, “How do you feel when you think that thought?” This approach will help you sort out that things happening in the world (a situation or circumstance) are not causing your feelings. The truth is that the negative or positive thoughts you choose not circumstances cause your attitude, feelings and actions.Let’s look at a more concrete example of how to dealing with Pain and Suffering in our life.

Getting Started: Assumptions and principles of self-coaching:

  1. We cannot control the world. So only focus on the things you can control.
  2. Nothing outside of us has the power to make us feel good or bad. It is our choices that determine how we feel and behave.
  3. It is not the circumstances, but our thoughts about the circumstances that create our perceptions and experience.
  4. We are driven and motivated by what we choose to think about.
  5. Emotions are triggers that lead to action.
  6. We can’t permanently change our habits or results without changing
  7. The habit of thinking in negative ways about our self and our abilities sabotages are abilities and strengths to perform at high levels.
  8. We don’t have to learn anything more than changing negative thoughts to more positive “self-talk” to feel better and act more productively.
  9. Being aware and choosing our thoughts are the most important components to feeling better and performing like a champion.
  10. Learn from other people’s experience and points of view. For example check out Coach Bobby Knight’s book on the Power of Negative Thinking–WOW  http://www.bloomberg.com/video/bobby-knight-on-the-power-of-negative-thinking-9xZTNuP3Rw~iMRuOkngOxQ.html

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