Self-Mastery–Thoughts and Reflection

Daily Quote: “A strong life force can be seen in physical vitality, courage, competent judgment, self-mastery and the realization of each person’s unique talents and purpose in life. To maintain a powerful life force, forget yourself, forget about living and dying, and bring your full attention into this moment.”
H.E. Davey, Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation

Reflection: Mastery “To become at proficient any performance activity from chess to ice skating or dancing and tennis seems to take about ten years which translates into 10,000 hours of deliberate and thoughtful practice. Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.”

Life is change and life is choice. Self-Coaching can teach you to break free of your bottled up, limited opportunities and fixed or closed mindset. I remember when this notion that life is a series of choices first lit up my life. I was in graduate school and was involved in my first exposure to T-groups.  We were talking about death and dying and other such control fears when our group leader asked a rather poignant question: what we would want written on our tombstones. As unsettling as this notion was, it appealed to me and my classmates.

Process with Structure Self-Coaching Results framework—Development is the process of continuously updating your mental thinking through reflection and insight (your truth) to get at where you are now (reality) and discovering where you want to go in future (developmental plan).

Smart-Steps of Impact Model Plus-One

  1. Situation—any event occurring inside or outside yourself.
  2. Self-talk and Mental Map—How we use self-talk and a set of beliefs to interpret an event. And our world view. This process of reinforcing beliefs and self-confirmation reduces our ability to be positive and take more responsibility for and control of our attitude and behavior in day to day tasks and activities. It anchors our use of time our most precious asset for living a constructive and fulfilling life.
  3. Action based on feeling and/or behavior resulting from my view and interpretation of the event .
  4. Impact or consequences of action on people or the circumstances—Have things improved, stayed the same or gotten worst?




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