The Critical Factors for Unlocking Personal Motivation–Respect and Recognition

Daily Quotes: “You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb himself.” – Robert Schuller

” When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you”. Lao Tzu

Many times when I am doing workshops on Leadership and Management practices, I often get this question– How can I motivate others to perform at higher levels? Many times I have flip this question back to the participants to answer and I hear things like increase pay, put in place policies that rewards or provides incentives for desired behavior and good work, learn and tap individuals motivation by meeting their individual needs, build effective teams that fulfill the need for affiliation, make the workplace safe and security etc. These are all important parts of motivation. The most recent research on motivation points out the most important two factors for influencing increased motivation is demonstrating respect for the individual through positive recognition or catching people doing the right things.  In past blogs I have called this the MMFI Rule of motivation which is short for “making others feel important”.

Self-coaching Challenge: Identify over the next week what motivation techniques you use both at home and at work what to support motivation and getting things done. This exercise is important because the techniques you use weather rewards or punishment says a lot of about your style because what gets rewarded or punished gets done. Remember when people or children are recognized that they can contribute in a meaningful way, motivation and engagement are taped in significant and powerful ways. This is what I call unique connections. It is important for people to know that they have the ability to be involved in decisions and can make genuine contributions because this is critical for growth and instrumental in achieving significant results. Meaningful connections and structure of the work and play are the glue to effective and productive relationships. Matching the nature of the activity with the needs of people makes interactions interesting and enjoyable.

Give others recognition and reason to believe in themselves and watch them create something meaningful and significant. When you believe in people, you get people to believe in themselves. And when that connection happens you can achieve great things together.


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