Part 1: Three Ways To Create a Risk Tolerant and Growth Mindset Workplace Culture

Just posted on my new blog about Growth Mindset Experts and Research. Check it out. Coach Mark

Growth Mindset Experts

Quote on how to identify a Growth vs.Fixed Mindset in the workplace:

” Here are some telltale signs of a fixed-mindset culture: emphasis on sheer talent, categorizing and labeling employees by ability, constantly telling themselves (and you) that they are the elite, emphasis on pedigree, lack of respect for many employees and an atmosphere of competition vs. collaboration within the company. Here the signs of a growth-mindset culture: emphasis on development (mentorships, programs for encouraging growth across the company), a concern for all employees’ progress, respect for everyone’s contribution, teamwork and collaboration. Once you know the signs, it’s surprising how quickly you can pick them up.”  Dr.Carol Dweck is a professor of psychology at Stanford University and author of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.”

Reflection and Observations:  As a manager if you risk failure and making mistakes it toughens you mentally and provides information for more learning. The…

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