Part 1: Have a Desire to live a more meaningful Life and Career? –Learn to Grow and Make better Choices


” When you are stuck or sleep walking through life, you need to challenge yourself and find new ways to thing and grow, you have to push and pull against excuses and barriers that would stop and constrain you from changing and taking risks. Finding a process that works for you is how you open up to possibilities for growing stronger through learning and effort.” Mark W. Hardwick, Ph.D. 

Career Development and creating meaning in your life and work seems like no big deal to a selected few who are lucky to have chosen a career path at an early age and have the ability, resources and opportunity to make their dream come true; for example, they are able to lock-on to a path that fulfills their dreams such as I want to be a fireman, lawyer or doctor when I grow-up. This is not the case for most of us we just float along and life evolves and happens. We find change difficult and avoid it. We don’t have the inclination or time to really map out our life and career. So for this group life and careers just happen without much thought, reflection and planning.  But we all possess an ability to do work that fits our strengths and interest in life if we take charge and ownership of our life at work and away from work. To do this we need to eliminate procrastination, excuses etc. and begin in a pro-active way to take charge of our choices by re-inventing our life and career by finding our own formula or strategy for changes in our personal life and career. The “process with structure” framework is a map that guides and challenges you to put your passions and strengths together to discover and create your unique calling. Career counselor Dr. Mark Hardwick offers a practical and proven system for taking control of your life and career. He provides assessments that raise self-awareness and provide information for identifying possible career alternatives and motivation to make the changes necessary for finding balance and creating a better and more satisfactory quality of life than just letting it evolve in a boring and often mundane way. In the “process with structure” approach to Living and Career Development we focus on living and working from the inside out, grounding the common sense of practically while exploring how to make your career dreams come to fruition. In my next post I will explain the 4 Phases of the life-career cycle process model and structure that can help you discover and create a more fulfilling and meaningful life and career. .


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