Critical Questions for Project Management Success–Self and Team Review

Project Management Reflections –Question for Self-Review.   

When things have gone wrong on a project or you’re your project was a failure. Did you review and reflect on strategy, people, process, and methods of execution to pinpoint what went wrong and why? Have you identified what to do differently on the next time you are faced with a similar project assignment?


  1. Were project goals and mission clearly stated and understood by team members?
  2. Were client needs and wants articulate and shared with team?
  3. When communication or scope problems appeared were their specified methods for handling them?
  4. Did team conducted regular or impromptu meetings to iron-out issues or misunderstanding of roles, goals and norms for team assignments and daily activities?


  1. During project activation were the right people with the right skills select for the team or were they assigned because they were on the bench or just available.
  2. Did the team play to everyone’s strengths or were their some bad fits between what was expected vs. a person’s capability to do what was required.
  3. Were some people stretched too far given their experience and skill level?
  4. Were their personality conflicts that were ignored or force fit?


  1. Was their a process in place and used to accomplish the work required to be productive and successful?
  2. Could the process be seen and taught to all people on the team?
  3. Did the team execute against the process requirements?

Could the process be observed and measured or was it more it and miss?

  1. Were their obvious gaps in the process that were not fixed along the way?
  2. Did team members have the mental openness and agility to change when things were not working?
  3. Were all team members trained and coached on the methods needed to succeed?
  4. Were too many assumptions made about requirements and resources needed to complete the job on time and within budget?


  1. Was team monitoring and measuring work flow and productivity?
  2. Did people on both sides of the project follow through on commitments?
  3. Did project leader lead by example and DWYSYWD ?
  4. Was team set-up to be participatory but operated as a top down command and control style?
  5. Was team and client team members stable throughout the project or were their many changes in personnel and roles on the overall teams involved?

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