Daily Quote: Monday Attitude Adjustment Pick-up

“Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.” Dr. Seuss

If you want to build a better “quality of life”, my advice is simple: never stop having fun. Make time for play and fun and loving what you do will follow. Go shoot baskets or play catch. Juggle a soccer ball, a swim or write a poem. Go to a park and lie on a blanket in the sun or visit a museum or the zoo. Take a meeting while walking around the block (Steve Jobs style) instead of sitting behind your desk. Take a walk in the woods checking out and identifying plants or trees.  Take a daily “reflection or meditation break or 1 day mental health vacation. Just do something that makes you feel good in the present moment. Restoring energy doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Making fun a priority in your life will make you a happier, more creative and productive person, which in turn will make you easier to be with.


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