New Poem-On LOVE in the Workplace by MW Hardwick

I connect to you…in the present

      naturally and without effort…

Invite you in without demanding…

       Smile and acknowledge you

Listen and understand

         No  judging and telling…

Sharing  my viewpoint

         Non-verbally and with words

Showing  you worth and consideration

    In all ways just being there

   Without words being spoken…

Love connects and shines through

  Our connect in the moment           

Realizing all people deserve recognition and love

Treating people as fully human


Using this moment to move closer together as

Loving and caring humans…

Allowing and honoring differences  to move toward more

More joy, more reality, more connectedness, compassion

Creating space for more togetherness and respect  for people to grow and love…

LOVE… and More Love…


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